2WD robot chassis kit 2-wheels mobile platform


Product Description

2-wheels mobile platform chassis robot building kit it is an ultra-light weight 3 wheeled mobile with 2 wheel drive and 1 leading universal wheel in the front.Thus makes it easy control and flexible.The body is acrylic,light weight and beautiful.The high-quality elastic rubber tire features high resilience,vibration damping,good wearing resistance and excellent traction.When driven by a Mini DC geared motor, it is powerful enough to cross obstacle.This platform is fit for 51 controller, Mega,32 servos and Dual H-Bridge DC motor driver board.It is a good choice for hobbyists of and robot education in schools and an even better selection to be developed to take part in various contests like,Smart Car contest,Soccer Robot contest.

Wholesale 2-wheels robot mobile platform chassis kit Specification: Size: 19x17x8 cm

Drive motor gear ratio:120:1. No-load rotating speed(3V):30RPM. No-load rotating speed(6v):60RPM. Robot wheel diameter:65mm. Robot mobile platform Width:10.2mm. Robot mobile platform Weight:305g.


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