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Product Description

This is the Leoch LP6-4.0 replacement battery. The LP6-4.0 battery has a power rating of 6V, 4.0Ah. and meets or exceeds the original manufacturer specifications and ensures your satisfaction regarding quality, durability, performance and life expectancy.

Applications include: All purpose, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Electric Power System (EPS), emergency backup power supply, emergency light, railway signalling, alarm and security system, electronic apparatus and equipment, communication power supply, DC power supply and auto control systems. The datasheet will give you the full technical details.

If you need help or any additional information about the Leoch Battery LP6-4.0, please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives or our technical team.

  • Uses oxygen recombination technology that is maintenance free
  • PbCaSn alloy for plate grids: less gassing, less self-discharging
  • High quality AGM separator: extends the cycle life and prevents micro short circuit
  • Manufactured from ABS material: increases the strength of battery container
  • High purity raw material: ensures low self discharge rate
  • Silver-coated copper terminals (T1 terminal), brass insert terminals and lead terminals improve the electric conductivity
  • Approvals ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001:2000, VDS, IEC International Electro technical, CE, Russian PCT Certificate, TLC Certification, FCC
    Technical Specification
    Model Voltage Capacity Length Width Height Weight Terminal Order code
    LP6-1.0 6V 1AH 51mm 42mm 57mm 0.25kg T1 18-0846
    LP6-1.2 6V 1.2AH 97mm 24mm 57.5mm 0.29kg T1 18-0847
    LP6-3.2 6V 3.2AH 134mm 34mm 66mm 0.67kg T1 18-0848
    LP6-4.0 6V 4AH 70mm 47mm 106mm 0.76kg T1 18-0849
    LP6-5.0 6V 5AH 169mm 35mm 74mm 0.98kg T1 18-0850
    LP6-7.0 6V 7AH 151mm 34mm 100mm 1.1kg T1 18-0851
    LP6-10 6V 10AH 151mm 51mm 100mm 1.57kg T1 18-0852
    LP6-12 6V 12AH 151mm 51mm 100mm 1.8kg T1 18-0853
    LP6-12 6V 12AH 151mm 51mm 100mm 1.75kg T1 18-0887
    LP12-1.2 12V 1.2AH 97mm 43mm 58mm 0.57kg T1 18-0854
    LP12-2.3 12V 2.3AH 178mm 35mm 66mm 0.96kg T1 18-0855
    LP12-2.9 12V 2.9AH 79mm 56mm 105mm 1.1kg T1 18-0856
    LP12-3.2 12V 3.2AH 134mm 67mm 66.5mm 1.35kg T1 18-0857
    LP12-4.0 12V 4AH 90mm 70mm 107mm 1.4kg T1 18-0858
    LP12-5.0 12V 5AH 151mm 53mm 99mm 1.75kg T1 18-0859
    LP12-5.4 12V 5.4AH 90mm 70mm 107mm 1.68kg T1 18-0860
    LP12-7.0S 12V 7AH 151mm 65mm 99mm 2.18kg T1 18-0861
    LP12-7.0 12V 7AH 151mm 65mm 99mm 2.18kg T2 18-0862
    LP12-10H 12V 10AH 151mm 65mm 117mm 3.2kg T1 18-0863
    LP12-12 12V 12AH 151mm 98mm 101mm 3.6kg T2 18-0864
    LP12-18 12V 18AH 181.5mm 77mm 167.5mm 5.32kg T3 18-0865
    LP12-20 12V 20AH 181.5mm 77mm 167.5mm 5.78kg T6 18-0866
    LP12-24 12V 24AH 166mm 175mm 125mm 7.2kg T6 18-0867
    LP12-38 12V 39.5AH 197mm 165mm 170mm 12.2kg T6 18-0868
    LP12-200 12V 208AH 522mm 240mm 224mm 61kg T11 18-0869
    LP12-250 12V 260AH 522mm 268mm 226mm 73kg T11 18-0870


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