Photo Interrupter Sensor (H21A3) Encoder


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Slotted Optical Switch, H21Ax Series

The H21Ax series from Isocom are a family of photointerrupters. They combine an NPN silicon phototransistor with an IR LED within a polycarbonate package. The package also features mounting tabs for fixing down with screws. With a 3 mm gap, the H21Ax requires an object from opaque to IR to interrupt the connection between the IR LED and sensor. Suitable applications for the H21Ax slotted interrupters include printers and optoelectronic switches.

Features of the H21Ax slotted interrupters: IR LED and NPN phototransistor Single channel High gain Opaque polycarbonate package Ambient light protection 1 mm aperture 3 mm gap from LED and sensor Moulded mounting tabs for screw fixing


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