Twins Chip - PIC  ICD2 Kit 2 kit3 Programming Adapter Universal Programmer Seat FZ0508 1-550x650

PIC ICD2 PICKit 2 PICKIT 3 Programming Adapter


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Product Description

Instructions for use:

Installing the microcontroller, 28-pin, 40-pin microcontroller left aligned 28/40P (A) This flag line short-circuit cap on the A position.

The 8,14,18,20-pin microcontroller aligned on the left 8P/14P/18P/20P flag line (B), shorting cap on the B position.

The ICD2, KIT2, KIT3 crystal head or 6Pin Block programming connection for programming the programming operation. (Note: a separate program of the seat can not be programmed the chip is programmed functions)

The seat supports the following programming microcontroller:

PIC16/18XX 40PIN Series devices (except 16F59)

PIC16/18XX 28PIN Series devices (except 16F57)

PIC16/18XX 18PIN Series devices

The PIC 8PIN/14PIN/20PIN family of devices (except 10FXX)


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