Servo Tester


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CCPM Servo Consistency Master/Servo tester. The device also can be used as a signal generator for electric speed controller (ESC). With it, you can test your motor system without using a transmitter and receiver

Features: There are 3 modes to check servos or ESC: Manual mode: turn the knob with different speed, check the reaction time; Neutral mode: make the servo go back to the neutral point; Automatic “window wiper” mode: make the servo swing like a window wipers in the biggest angle. It can connect 1-3 servos simultaneously and test such as 1-3 servos consistency and so on. You can also connect 1-3 ESC to test and compare their reaction time respectively. It can connect 3 servos of the CCPM helicopters and select servos. It can also connect the servo of airplanes install the steering-box and adjust planes by using such as the neutral mode and so on. With LED indicators.

Specifications: Output: 15mA (5.0) Voltage consumption: DC4.8-6V Output signal: 1.5ms±0.5ms Product size: 44 x 30 x 23mm Product weight: 5g


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