Solder Flux Paste Soldering Tin Cream For PCB BGA SMD


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Repair Soldering Solder Welding Flux Grease Paste Gel Suitable for Pcb, Bga, PGA and SMD Reworking

  • Product: XG-50
  • MESH: -325+500
  • Alloy: Sn63/Pb37
  • Dimensions: (1.26 x 1.53)” / (3.19 x 3.88)cm (L x W)
  • Microns: 25-45um
  • Low odor emission provides you with an improved working environment
  • It can avoid the pale yellow residue, so you can easily clean the board
  • This universal grease is ideal for soldering
  • Suitable for PCB, BGA, PGA and SMD reworking
  • A necessary accessory for repairing the main board of computers and mobile phones


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