(1pcs) Rechargeable Battery SC Ni-MH 3000mah 1.2v




Nickel Metal Hydride Cylindrical Cell 1.2V 3000mah SC NIMH




Description Specification Conditions
Nominal Voltage 1.2 V
Nominal Capacity 3000mAh Standard Charge/Discharge
Minimum Capacity 2860mAh Standard Charge/Discharge
Standard Charge 300mA(0.1C) × 16 hrs Ta=0~45℃ (see Note 1)
Rapid Charge 1500mA(0.5C) ×2.1 hrs


(see Note 2)

(With -△V or dT/dt or TCO control)

Timer CutOff =105%

-△V= 5-10mV/cell

dT/dt = 1~2℃/3min

Temp. CutOff = 50℃ (122°F)


Trickle Charge 90-150mA(0.03C-0.05C) Ta=0~45℃
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 1.0V
Maximum Discharging Current 3000mA(1C) Ta= -20℃~50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~35℃ Discharged state
Typical Weight(approximate) 60.0 g

NIMH Application:

MP3, Walkman, E-toys, E-tooth brusher, Brushes shaver, LED torch, Alarm system, Fire

alarm, Mining light, Sex toys, Adult toys.
Color : Green



1. Capacity: 3000 mAh 2. High voltage: 1.2 V 3. Charging type: SC rechargeable batteries. 5. Environmentally friendly material 6. Starting with 1000 charging cycles 7. Excellent discharge / drain performance 8. completely replace standard SC batteries 9. High performance at low temperatures 10. more equipment. 11. This is a portable tape and electronic tools

! A warning

– Do not use or leave the battery at high temperatures, such as under direct sunlight or inside the car, where the temperature may be very high, or it may shorten the service life or lead to abnormal heating of the battery, fire, or disable the function. – Do not use the battery in a strong static or strong magnetic field, otherwise the safety device may be destroyed. -If the fluid flowing from the battery gets into your eyes, do not rub your eyes. Well Wash them with clean water and consult a doctor immediately. – Do not use battery if anomalous heat, odor, discoloration, deformation or abnormal condition is detected. – Clean the dirty electrode of the battery before use, otherwise it may lead to poor contact or disconnection. – Pack a collapsible battery electrode with insulated paper to prevent catching fire.


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