Lithium Battery Charger 4S/5S Protection Module (BMS) 50A



Product features:
the lithium battery protection board uses a highly integrated intelligent lithium battery protection board integrated chip, the performance is better than the protective board composed of discrete chips. Can complete 3/4/5 string polymer lithium battery, ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide battery charge and discharge protection, over current, short circuit, over temperature protection and equalization function. It adopts 4 milliohm ultra-low internal resistance MOS tube, which has low internal resistance and high efficiency. It is suitable for battery pack applications in different fields such as inverters, DC motors, power tools, and solar street lights. It is common to the same mouth and mouth, and has strong applicability. The protection board has a heat sink and a supply line.

1. Please select the appropriate protection board according to the actual battery type and series connection. The protection board of different series number can not be used universally. The protection board can switch the serial number of the battery by jumper. See the parameter adjustment explanation picture for details.
2. Before the protection board is installed, the battery must be matched well, and the old and new batteries cannot be mixed.
3. Please remove the cable before wiring, and connect all the wires, and then confirm that the wiring is correct before plugging in the cable. When wiring, the control wiring diagram is gradually connected from the negative pole of the battery. For the thick line, please select the appropriate square wire according to the actual load current value.
4. When the working current is too large, please add tin to the tinned part of the front and back of the protection board, or thicken the copper wire to increase the overcurrent capability of the circuit board. Otherwise, the copper skin on the circuit board will be led to the current due to excessive current. Skin or burned.
5, need temperature protection function, you need to add 10K NTC resistor (refer to the description). The factory default is no temperature protection resistor.
6. This protection board has over-current protection secondary delay optional. If the load instantaneous starting current is very large and leads to mis-protection, you can select the secondary over-current protection delay to reduce the occurrence of false protection.

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