• CD800A

    Integrated case suitable for use and storage
    3-3/4 Digits 4000 Count
    Auto Power-off (Enable or Disable)
    Captive test leads prevent confusion of measurement polarity
    Conforms to IEC61010 and CAT III 600V Max

    DC Voltage (V) 400m/4/40/400/600V
    AC Voltage (V) 4/40/400/600V
    DC (A) 40m/400mA
    AC (A) 40m/400mA
    Resistance (ohms) 400/4k/40k/400k/4M/40M
    Diode Test Open Voltage: Approx 1.5V
    Size (HxWxD) & weight 176x104x46mm, 340g


    Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement 400mA ac
    Absolute Maximum DC Current Measurement 400mA dc
    Absolute Maximum AC Voltage Measurement 600V ac
    Absolute Maximum DC Voltage Measurement 600V dc
    Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement 40MΩ
    Absolute Maximum Capacitance Measurement 100µF
    Functions Measured AC Current, AC Voltage, Capacitance, Continuity, DC Current, DC Voltage, Diode, Frequency, Resistance
    Maximum Frequency 1kHz
    Height 176mm
    Width 104mm
    Battery Type AA x 2
    Best AC Current Accuracy ±2.8% + 5 Digits
    Best DC Voltage Accuracy ±0.7% + 3 Digits
    Resistance Measurement Resolution 100mΩ
    Dimensions 46 x 104 x 176mm
    Safety Category Level CAT III
    AC Voltage Measurement Resolution 0.001V ac
    Safety Category Voltage 600V
    Weight 340g
    Capacitance Measurement Resolution 10pF
    Safety Category CAT III 600 V
    Best Resistance Measurement Accuracy ±1.5% + 5 Digits
    DC Voltage Measurement Resolution 0.1mV dc
    Best Capacitance Measurement Accuracy ±5% + 10 Digits
    AC Current Measurement Resolution 0.01mA ac
    Best DC Current Accuracy ±2.2% + 5 Digits
    Length 46mm
    DC Current Measurement Resolution 0.01mA dc
    Model Number p CD800A
    Best AC Voltage Accuracy ±1.6% + 9 Digits

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