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UNI-T 30V 5A Regulated Bench Power Supply UTP3315TFL-II


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    UNI-T UTP3315TFL-II Regulated DC power supply is a high-quality and stable device, which outputs pure and stable signals with low noise. General applications of Linear regulated power supply including, but not limited to Low noise Amplifiers, Signal processing, Data Acquisition – including sensors, multiplexers, A/D converters, and sample & hold circuits, Automatic test equipment, Laboratory test equipment, Control circuits. Anywhere that excellent regulation and/or low ripple is required.


    Uni-Trend Technology(UNI-T) is one of the leading Test and Measurement solutions provider since 1988. For DC Power Supply, Any quality problem you can return it immediately. Also professional technical support service.

    Package List

    1 x UNI-T UTP3315TFL-II DC Power Supply

    1 x Power Cord

    1 x Fuse

    How to Use

    User Manual: Electronic Edition download above or Paper User Manual in the package.

    Technical Support: Online technical support team.

    Linear Power Supply Switching Power Supply
    Line Regulation 0.02 ~ 0.05% 0.05 ~ 0.1%
    Load Regulation 0.02 ~ 0.1% 0.1 ~ 1.0%
    Input Voltage Range ±10% ±20%
    Output Ripple 0.5mV ~ 2mV RMS 10mV ~ 100mV
    Noise 20 mV 50mV ~ 200mV
    Transient Response 0.02ms 1ms
    Hold-up Time 1ms ~ 2ms 20ms ~ 30ms
    Input Linear Filter Not Required Required
    EMI Low High
    Manufacturing Cost High Low


    Model: UTP3315TFL-II

    Output Voltage: 0-30V

    Output Current: 0-5A

    Output Power: 160W

    Load Regulation: CV≤0.01%+5mV, CC≤0.1%+10mA

    Accuracy (25℃±5℃) Voltage: <0.5%+20mV

    Accuracy (25℃±5℃) Current: <0.5%+10mA

    Ripple and Noise: ≤2mVrms

    Output Regulation Resolution: CV: 10mV (typical), CC: 1mA (typical)

    Reliability: MTBF(e): ≥2000hrs

    Display Mode: LED voltage and current dual display

    Feature: Auto conversion of constant voltage and current with current limit protection

    Input Voltage: 110V/220V±5% AC; Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

    Item Size: 4.1 x 6.5 x 9.8 inches

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