KSD301 40°C~160°C Thermostat Temperature Thermal Control Switch 10A 250V



Product Name : Thermostat;
Model : KSD301;
Action Type : Normal Close(N.C.);
Action Temperature : 40°C~160ºC ;
Voltage Current : AC 250V 10A;
Material : Metal;
Package : 1x Temperature Switch Thermostat .
It’s closed at normal temperature until the surface temperature reaches at the action Celsius degree, and then the switch opens, the circuit connected turns off and becomes unworkable. General-purpose low cost, compact, large capacity, minute current thermostat. Application: for Household electric appliances, PC, Microwave ovens, Irons, Refrigerators, Electronic oven, heating unit, coffeepot, water heater, etc. Ceramic insulator material design can provide better protection. When the surface cools off about 5 degrees, the switch automatically close. KSD301 series product is a kind of thermostat which adopt the bimetal disc as the temperature sensing element.

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